Why anti-choice is NOT pro-life

A half-hour documentary by the ACLU of Pennsylvania, showing what really happens when anti-abortion laws come up against unwanted pregnancy. Far from stopping abortion, draconian laws have only ever succeeded in driving it underground, and forcing women and girls to take their chances with unscrupulous, unsavory, and often untrained “doctors”. The result was maternity wards full of women not giving birth, but dying. The cost to the public healthcare system was immense.

Anti-choicers nowadays make much of supposed “abortion survivors”, namely live births following failed abortion attempts (or botched late-term abortions, which they are trying to use as a wedge to get all abortions outlawed). They call themselves “pro-life”. They forget that sometimes, a woman dies of illegal abortion…and leaves already existing children behind. Their hypocrisy is nothing short of murderous.

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