The ironies of the Venezuelan opposition, part 5


“I’ve been to Táchira, Mérida, Zulia and Falcón*. I demand that Maduro halt his campaign!”

Oh, Majunche. Your campaign may as well be managed by Walt Disney, because there’s a distinct odor of mouse about it. Only this mouse is old and dead, and has been stinking for several years now. Eleven, to be exact. You’d think they could at least come up with a fresh campaign strategy after all this time, but no. They’re still up to the same old dirty gringo tricks:

A leaked document indicates that the right-wing candidate, Henrique Capriles Radonski, met for seven hours with the top brass of the Venezuelan ultra-right and discussed, intensively, how to proceed in the face of the “flood of people who follow Maduro.” Included in the group were members of the clergy, US advisors, and Spaniards.

According to a dossier presented before the National Assembly by deputy Julio Chávez, the meeting dealt with two fundamental points: Not attending the April 14 elections, or designing an “honorable” exit for their candidate but leaving tensions and political chaos in his wake.

In the first case, according to the document, the US agents, who held sway over the meeting, reasoned that “at the moment, you should plan on attending the elections, because millions of opposition voters require a compelling partisan orientation in the face of the ‘overwhelming power’ of the government.”

They had to “plan a strategic exit because it will be very difficult to overcome the other candidate, Nicolás Maduro. Very well, so this exit should be based solidly on facts, with juridical elements, with international mobilization, with the help of the powerful media allied with the IAPA (Inter-American Press Association): US and Spanish media above all.”

Further, the document states: “A group of experts in political tensions, chaos and destabilization must work to design an objective that will lead to an honorable exit for the candidate, but which will leave an unmanageable constitutional and juridical disturbance in its wake, something like leaving the nation without constitutional language.”

The dossier continues: “In the hands of the experts in these traumas, Capriles will have a ‘graceful’ exit from the campaign.”

One must take into account that for these crimes, in which many innocents will fall, the North American empire is implacable. Once more it will set in motion this category of terrible events which will be aimed at derailing the democratic direction of the republic. Commotions which we have already lived through in the past, or maybe much more refined ones, said the deputy.

Among the destabilizing actions, marked with an underlined “Could be”:

1. Electrical sabotages
2. Food speculation and artificial shortages
3. Airport accidents, and great tragedies like those of the Amuay refinery last year
4. Introductions of viruses or terrible disease outbreaks
5. Assassinations of opposition parliamentarians, as well as those of the Revolution
6. Sabotage of the Caracas Metro subway
7. But PRINCIPALLY, organizing some great massacre of followers of Capriles during some public act, provoked by themselves, which will “oblige” the candidate [Maduro] to not continue his campaign, which is “evidently opportunistic, bloody, and directed by an opprobrious régime, dominated by the criminal powers of Fidel Castro and international terrorism”.

We alert all the people not to fall victim to provocations, and to remain vigilant, firm and serene in the face of the most terrible circumstances and adversities.

Translation mine.

So, since Maduro is already a front-runner by a margin of no fewer than 14 percentage points, it’s clear that they need to cover their loser butts with something. And that something, just as in April 2002, is VIOLENCE. And destabilization and artificial food shortages, as in the following year, when they tried to knock Chavecito’s pins out from under him with an economic putsch.

But mainly they’re going to go for violence, which they will then try to pin on Maduro, claiming he’s really a puppet of Fidel Castro. What a joke, since Castro is retired from political office and in no position to pull strings on anyone. And Nicolás Maduro is nobody’s puppet…unlike Majunche, who is very much the puppet of US interests, and those of Spain too, to a lesser extent.

But such is the nature of VenOpIronía: projection, projection, projection. Everything they’re going to say of Maduro, is actually true of only one party, and that’s their own.

It would be quite funny, if it didn’t involve so much bloodshed and horror.

*Táchira, Mérida, Zulia and Falcón are the only states remaining that have opposition governors. All the rest have PSUV governments, elected shortly after Chavecito’s big victory of October 7. So Majunche’s “tour” has consisted mainly of preaching to the choir. He isn’t even trying to win.

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