The ironies of the Venezuelan opposition, part 8

Journalist Earle Herrera, host of VTV’s Kiosco Veraz (Truth Kiosk), devotes the latest edition of his show to a strange phenomenon:

One would think that since they have just three more weeks to go before the next federal elections, the opposition’s dedicated news media would have their boy front and centre, dancing the hokey-pokey. But no! No sign of him anywhere. They have the new pope; they have Henry Falcón, the ex-Chavista chef de mission of the opposition campaign whom we met a few entries ago, off-gassing about the country being in “chaos” (when, in fact, it’s quite calm as the Dry Law takes effect and Holy Week gets under way). But where is Henrique Capriles? Has anyone seen him?

Nope, no sign of him anywhere.

It might be his terrible numbers. Or maybe it’s because the bus driver is about to eat his lunch. Or maybe it’s the other oppos, plotting behind his back. In any case, the ignominy of Majunche — more Bolivarian than Bolívar, more Chavista now than Chávez — losing twice to a dead man is just too much for even the most fervent of the opposition media. They took him off their front pages, and they’re yattering on about everything BUT him.

Do you suppose the distraction will work?

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