Headline Howler: The blame in Spain falls mainly on the…Egyptians?


Spanish crap-media outlet ABC.es has failed again in its efforts to smear Bolivarianism. This time, their Venezuela “correspondent” (read: HACK) has tried to pass off a rather famous picture of an Egyptian woman being abused by soldiers in Cairo as a brawl in Venezuela. And captioned it, very punnily…and of course, got it all wrong. Not surprisingly, the page is now down. Too bad the blush on the crap reporter’s cheeks has yet to fade.

(And really, she’s a fine one to talk about “pure fascism”, coming as she does from a country which, to its great detriment, has an unelected monarch and a fascist prime minister who routinely sends the police and the army out to suppress protests. Projection appears to be a universal trait on the far right and among its lousy “journalists”, no matter where they’re from.)

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