Maricori’s pathetic clown show on the Hill


“With Canadian parliamentarians it’s clear that in Venezuela it’s not about right or left, but Democracy [sic] or dictatorship.” Yeah, sure, Maricori, keep telling yourself that. You would know about dictators, seeing as you supported Pedro Carmona in 2002, and even signed his decree abolishing all democratic institutions in Venezuela.

Oh, Maricori. You poor widdle thing. You must really be desperate, seeing how your little “movement” is falling apart back home. So now you’ve come all the way up here just to see us, eh? And whether Canada wants to or not, it has to put up with your silly whining and pathetic attempts to drum up support for fascism and US interference where, as usual, none is wanted…

María Corina Machado continues her tour of the the world putting on her show, and this time she was in Ottawa, Canada, where she was received by senators of the governing [Conservative] party.

Following the same script as ever, following protocol down to the last millimetre, the ex-deputy met with parliamentarians, members of the Commission for External Affairs, and with MPs of the Conservative Party, as well as the minister for external affairs, John Baird.

Forgetting that Venezuela has been an independent country for more than 200 years, MP Randy Hoback stated: “We recognize the deputy democratically elected by her people, we demand that she be restored to her charge as deputy, and demand that Venezuela cease its repression and free those arbitrarily detained.”

Translation mine. Sorry, I couldn’t find a transcript of Randy Hoback’s silly remarks in English, so I’m going by the Spanish version instead.

So, you may be asking, who the fuck is this Randy Hoback? Well, basically…he’s nobody. A Conservative backbencher from Alberta, a party hack, one with no real sway over anything. He’s just running his mouth here so the homefolks will get the mistaken impression that he’s doing something important. Remember, the SupposiTories are as top-down a party as ever existed anywhere, and Harpo is running the show. The real big kahuna in all this Venezuelan clown show is John Baird, our lovely foreign-affairs minister, and he’s not quoted there. Which I guess tells you how important Maricori really is up here.

In any event, we’re not the country who’ll “rescue” Venezuela from the throes of evil Bolivarian democracy. The same which, Hack Hoback notwithstanding, democratically elected an overwhelming PSUV majority — a real one, not like this sham Conservative majority Hoback & Co. have going — and just as democratically and lawfully expelled Maricori from office for fascist putschism. That would be the United States of Amnesia, and right now, they’re too busy installing fascist puppets in Ukraine and propping up corrupt puppets in Nigeria to do anything for their puppets in South America.

And speaking of US puppets in the Americas, guess what? Panama’s also fed up with Maricori’s silly antics, if this is any indication:

Cabello said that “it appears” that doors are opening toward re-establishing relations with Panama.

“The only thing we ask for is respect,” Cabello said.

“Martinelli, you won’t leave the presidency without showing the list of those Venezuelans which you say have money in Panama, bring it out before you go,” said Cabello.

“Ms. María Machado, I think, will be out of work, but it doesn’t matter because she has someone financing her, and it’s true they’ve invited her to an activity in Canada, it’s true she says that they will treat her as a deputy. The organizers of the activity say no, but she insists. Oh well, even if people end up going crazy, you’re going to stay out of work, María Machado,” Cabello concluded.

Translation mine.

Oh yeah, that’s right…Panama just had elections, and the famously crooked Ricardo Martinelli is now on his way out of a job, too. Whoops, there goes one more prop for Maricori…


So, as usual, Maricori’s running all over the place, showing her obscure little face, putting on her usual sob-sister act…and getting bugger-all to show for it.

I’d feel sorry for her, but I’m too busy laughing my ass off.

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