Twit abdicates so junior twit can replace him


A young king with an old dictator, Spain, 40-odd years ago.

Really. How else would YOU title this story?

The king of Spain, Juan Carlos I, has decided to renounce the throne, prime minister Mariano Rajoy announced today.

“King Juan Carlos just communicated his intention to renounce the throne,” Rajoy told journalists, gathered this morning with urgency.

Named by dictator Francisco Franco, Juan Carlos will cede the throne and the leadership of the state to his son, the prince of Asturias.

Once the process for the transfer of the crown, outlined by Article 57 of the Spanish constitution, is completed, he will become King Felipe IV of Spain.

Rajoy did not explain the motives for the monarch’s decision to the nation.

“His Majesty wishes to communicate his motives to the citizens personally this morning.”

The prime minister only indicated that he “met with the king [who is] convinced that this is the moment when the change in the head of state and the transfer of the crown to the prince of Asturias can take place with all normality.”

With respect to this process, Rajoy expressed his certainty that “a process of institutional stability will develop in a climate of normality and as one more show of the maturity of our democracy.”

Meanwhile, in all the squares of Spain, demonstrations were called for 8:00 pm with the slogan: “Let’s throw out the Prince as well!”, according to the republican website,

“After a 39-year reign, the same as Franco, the heir of the most criminal Dictator known to the history of the people of the Spanish state abdicates for his son Felipe. They said he did it to salvage a Monarchy sunken in the swamp of discredit and corruption that sit in the dock with the king’s daughter, his son-in-law, and the secretary of the infantas, for money-laundering, fiscal crimes, and embezzling of public funds,” reported the site.

The abdication comes at an especially delicate time for Spain and its monarchy as well, affected by a corruption scandal which taints the king’s daughter, the Infanta Cristina.

Translation mine.

So you can see why I said they’re twits, eh? They think they can pull the wool over the people’s eyes with this show of bogus “normality”. Meanwhile, demos have been called for in every town square in Spain against the transfer of this crooked, corrupt, discredited-before-it-began monarchy. A reign that has its roots in the Franco dictatorship that brought down the Spanish Republic during a brutal civil war where the world’s much-vaunted “democracies” stood aside and twiddled their thumbs while the fascists murdered the only real democracy in Europe.

And yet that other fucking fascist twit, Rajoy, has the nerve to talk about the “maturity of our democracy”. WHAT fucking democracy? demand the Spanish people, and so do I.

I think I’ll just let these Venezuelan guys do the talking for me from here on in:

Oh yeah, that’s right: This is the same fucking twit who had the nerve to tell Chavecito to shut up. A legitimate, popular, clean, democratically-elected head of state…unlike himself.

The irony is just too precious, is it not?

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