Evo cracks the 60% barrier!


The latest figures from Friday’s Bolivian presidential elections are in, and it looks like Evo’s an even bigger winner than originally projected. Here’s the lowdown:

The president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, has widened his margin as winner of the recent general elections, with his percentage of the votes climbing to 60.97% — half a point more than the previous estimate — according tot he latest figures from the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE), with 96.5% of the votes counted.

Up to now, 26,445 of the 27,403 polling stations’ results have been submitted. Opposition candidate for the Democratic Unity (UD) party, Samuel Doria Medina, remains in second place, with 24.39% of the votes, followed by the Christian Democratic Party (PDC) candidate Jorge Quiroga, with 9.14%. For the Movement Without Fear party (MSM) of Juan del Granado, the vote is at 2.78%, and the Green Party of Bolivia (PVB), of Fernando Vargas, 2.73%, according to Telesur.

Translation mine.

So, now Evo is at over 60%, a trend that seems unlikely to reverse itself. You can see that he did even better, percentage-wise, in votes from expatriate Bolivians (over 72%), than he did at home (60.97%).

I sure hope Tuto has plenty of ketchup ready, it looks like he’s gonna need it. He did promise to eat his watch if Evo came in over 60% on the final count. Which could be any day now. Ha, ha.

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