It’s Election Day in Canada. Do you know where YOUR vote is?


Yes, smartass, I know it’s in the ballot box. But really. Do you know where to make your mark?

Having trouble deciding? Fine. I’ll help you narrow it down a bit.

First off, NOT under the Conservatives. I don’t care how nice the one from your riding is (and if there are still any nice, old-school “Red” Tories left, it would come as news to me, since Harpo’s done a bang-up job of purging them and replacing them with his neo-con CRAP party drones). Do NOT, under any circumstances, put an X in the Conservative box, unless you’re a complete idiot who LIKES seeing your hard-earned taxes going into a police state full of outright Nazi-like paranoia towards women in veils. Or you don’t mind seeing your job going to a chain gang in China under the illegally passed TPP. Or you’re dead keen on the boondoggle that is the F-35, a defective flying crate whose ejection seat can break a pilot’s neck. Or you think it’s somehow good for the Jews to support the unholy land of Israel, where it’s open season on Palestinians all the time since 1948, but especially so of late. And of Robbo and Dougie, it is better not to speak. Under NO circumstances are you to make a checkmark or an X under the Cons, unless you wish to be shunned by the adults, and laughed and pointed at by the kids. Or you really have a fetish for tar and feathers.

Also, do NOT vote Liberal. I don’t care how nice the one from your riding is, either (and I’m sure a lot of them are). They voted, as a party, in favor of Bill C-51, the warrantless police-state bill. They also helped to pass S-7, the so-called “Barbaric Cultural Practices” law that underpins a snitch line where you can report veiled women, men in turbans or fezzes, and other non-criminals for Living In Canada While Brown. Fascist Lite is not an adequate change from Fascist, capisce? And they’re quite bullish on oil pipelines and the conversion of Alberta into one big, tarry Mordor. So don’t be a moron. Be brave! Make your mark in a new square just this once, eh?

Green Party voters? Well, I’m not one; ironically, the Canadian Greens not quite green enough for me, and too corporate besides. Environmentalism is important; environmentalism done right is paramount. I would much prefer an eco-socialist party over an eco-capitalist one. But at least Elizabeth May & Co. are standing up on their hind legs against Harpo & Co. And she’s made it clear that she’s willing to form a coalition, if needed, to stop Harpocracy once and for all. So if there is a Green in your area with a good chance of winning over the other parties, by all means, back them. At least they can be counted on to work with the other progressives, and that’s always a Good Thing. ABC needs unity, and there’s been too little of that all around.

The NDP? Well, I’m no fan of Mulcair, as he’s a bit too close to Conservative for what used to be a real socialist party. (They even openly courted him at one point, which is Vhery Bhad Nhews.) The party is no longer Tommy Douglas’s baby, and that’s a damn shame. The emphasis has shifted from “farmer, soldier, laborer” to “tax cuts for small business” — never mind that the middle class, the backbone of small business owners, is shrinking like it’s got osteoporosis. Never mind, either, that tax cuts don’t create jobs. Too much Zionism in there, too (and sadly, NONE of the parties have a good track record when it comes to Palestinians). They could use some remedial Women’s Studies classes, too. I actually had to hold my nose when I voted for them at the advance polls last Monday. But hey. They did manage to become the official opposition for the first time ever, last time ’round. And they did manage to form a provincial government in hard-to-starboard ALBERTA, of all places. When even a longtime Conservative like Andrew Coyne (who, now that I think about it, is/was one of those old-school, good-egg Progressive Conservatives that Harpo did his best to drive to extinction) is voting NDP, something is in the wind there. Could it be change?

We do not know yet. But we are watching, and waiting for when the polls close.

Stay tuned.

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