May the Force be with you, Evo…

Oh my. What have we here? A trailer for a new science-fiction blockbuster? But of course:

And here’s the story, courtesy Aporrea:

“Bolivian Wars: The ‘Yes’ Awakens” is the title of the video published by the Facebook page, Sí Bolivia, an official page which promotes the modification of the Bolivian constitution.

“You, he, she, all of us who fight against the Empire, and who seek a better future: Join the positive side of the Force, the #YES side”, says the page, adding: “Say #NO to the dark side of the past, to backwardness, poverty and evil.”

Based on the success of the latest Star Wars film, Episode VII, “The Force Awakens”, Bolivians of the ruling party are calling for constitutional reform so that current president Evo Morales can run for re-election once more. They put together a video in which they show the leader as embodiment of the Force, and the opposition as “the Dark Side”.

In the two-minute clip, there appear scenes from the recently-debuted film, but with the face of Morales on some of the characters representing the Force. On the “Dark Side” appear ex-president Gonzalo Sánchez de Lozada as Darth Vader, and ex-minister Carlos Sánchez as Kylo Ren.

Translation mine. Link to Facebook page added.

So, it looks like another epic chapter in the saga of the little rebel against the Empire. I quite approve of the casting decisions, particularly Goni as the Dark Lord of the Sith.

And no, I won’t be posting any spoilers. You’ll just have to wait and see it when it comes to an Internet near you.

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