“Bernie Bros” pwn Libertarian presidential candidate

Yes, I know this is half an hour long. And it’s over 6 weeks old, too. But you’ll get a chuckle out of it just from the first five minutes alone:

The number of times that smug flibbertigibbertarian’s face falls is priceless, isn’t it? Turns out that Bernie Sanders supporters aren’t the blind commie sheeple the right (and the media, who completely overlooked this comedy gold) have made them out to be. They’re actually the smartest and least easily bamboozled voters of all. Even the first young guy is right on top of his game.

Kinda makes you feel sorry for the flibber. He came on all smug and full of Randroid dogma, and it blew up in his well-scrubbed face. He thought he was gonna “gotcha” them, and all he scored was an own goal. Over and over and over again…

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