Venezuelan inventors build bamboo quadcopter

Only in the land of Chavecito, folks:

With an innovative concept aimed at protecting the environment, Grupo Da Vinci de Investigación y Desarrollo de Maxdrone Venezuela, a collective of Venezuelan inventors, has built a drone aircraft made of bamboo.

As part of the Ecodrone Project, they advanced in the category of lightweight and renewable materials. The device weighs 1.5 kilograms, as its fuselage and arms are made of pieces of bamboo.

“We want to popularize simple, artisanal, and low-cost construction, which can be done by teachers and students as a classroom project in high schools, meant to introduce them to responsible investigation, the search for positive applications for these technologies, and the development of abilities which will prepare our young people for a future which is already knocking at the door,” said the founder of Maxdrone Venezuela, José Alejandro Otero, in a press release.

The group has also created other prototypes, using recycled materials and reclaimed waste, such as cardboard and plastic bottles.

Translation mine.

Bamboo grows like a weed in Venezuela, so there’s definitely no shortage of materials. And since the opposition and its do-nothing mayors aren’t picking up the garbage in places like Miranda, well…looks like there’s no shortage of materials there, either.

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