Washington is all dork-sadded now.

Brace yourselves, people. The skies over Washington, DC, are getting heavy with a growing cloud of smarm:

Like angels from heaven, hundreds of “prayer warriors” have descended on Washington D.C. to undertake a crucial mission: protect U.S. President-elect Donald Trump by building a “prayer shield” around him ahead of his Jan. 20 inauguration.

Among these prayer warriors are the members of a new group called POTUS Shield (as in President of the United States) who gathered inside the National Press Club on Thursday, CBN News reported.

Pastor Eric Majette from Virginia Beach, Virginia said POTUS Shield is composed of pastors from all over America.

“We’re actually a prayer group. We pray for leaders across our nation — a group of pastors come together to pray for our nation and our leaders, particularly the new administration,” he said.

“Angels from heaven”? More like rubes from the trailer park. You know, those places God keeps throwing tornadoes and hurricanes at to warn people against living there and believing in specious garbage?

I bet these mighty warriors were also nowhere in sight for the last president when it came HIS turn to take office, eh?

Oh, and guess who else will be there, embarrassing her poor family…

Speaking at the gathering, Alveda King, the niece of famed civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the director of Civil Rights for the Unborn, said they are counting on God to bring sweeping positive changes to America.

“We’re really not looking for Mr. Trump or any human to change America, but we know God can and will do it,” she said.

Civil rights for all the minorities who are still oppressed? Piss on that, we’s prayin’ for TEH BAYBEEEEEEEEZ! Which of course will get produced willy-nilly, whether anyone can afford them or not, since Drumpf’s new Congress (the opposite of Progress) has already decided to defund anything and deny insurance coverage to anything which could prevent their conception.

I wonder if this woman will also be there:

Sweet Jesus, it’s all so DORK-SADDED! Rebuke it! REBUKE IT, I SAY!!!

PS: “Rebuke” means “to scold”. It seems accurate somehow.

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