Thanks a lot, Trudizzle.

Can you believe this guy? Get a load of our Dear Prime Minister’s lame excuse-making flawless reasoning for deciding to keep the old first-past-the-post system so many of us are disgruntled with…

Trudeau never liked proportional representation. While these types of voting systems tend to prevent a political party from obtaining the majority of the seats with a minority of votes — something Trudeau’s Liberals and former Conservative prime minister Stephen Harper have recently enjoyed — proportional representation also tends to create conditions for more political parties and coalition governments. The prime minister and those around him believed it could cause a “total mess” in Canada, give an “alt-right party” representation, and create more regional parties that would further split the country apart.

Newsflash, Justin: We already HAVE an “alt-right” party. It’s called the Conservative party, and it’s been in bed with the Nazis ever since the Reform Party boogied with the Heritage Front. That was in the early 1990s, for those keeping track. It’s now leaning in that general direction again, what with at least two leadership candidates openly trying to clone the fascist-courting success enjoyed by a certain Cheeto-dusted buffoon from south of our border.

We’ve also had regional parties — right-wing and crypto-fascist all — ever since Social Credit became the Reform Party, became the Saskatchewan and Wildrose parties, became…well, actually, we’ve had them since the Parti Québécois. So that’s already there. For a good four fucking decades now. Most Canadians can see through all of them, and are sick and tired of their idiotic shenanigans, which first-past-the-post has conveniently enabled. But let’s just ignore all that and raise the spectre of what already fucking exists so we can keep the power we’ve grown accustomed to, and which we’ve gotten our hot little hands on in the “good” old-fashioned way, eh Justin?

Meanwhile, let’s also ignore the warnings from this Bad German in our midst, the little red-headed socialist Cassandra who keeps reminding everyone that Germany also once had first-past-the-post. In 1933. And we all know how THAT worked out for them, eh?

Fortunately, we also know what kept that from happening to Germany again. And it involves “keeping bad parties out” by directly forbidding one particular type of party. It also, interestingly, involves proportional representation. Both of which they’ve had since the end of World War II…and both of which continue to serve Germany well to this day!

PS: There is a petition, by Nathan Cullen (NDP-Skeena/Bulkley Valley) here. It’s Canadians-only. But if you can, please sign…and share!

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