Happy Women’s Day. Here’s what we’re (still) up against.

What are we working for? CHANGE. And what are we working to change? These things, among many, MANY others:

If you’re driving while female, be careful about honking your horn at anyone blocking the road. Some asshole with a crowbar could beat you within an inch of your life for it.

If you’re female and can’t drive because you’ve had too much to drink, be careful about taking a taxi. Not only could you be sexually assaulted while unconscious, a judge could say that “clearly a drunk can consent” (meaning you did, just by being drunk and passed out), and your assailant’s defence attorney will still try to spin the case to claim he’s innocent…even if he was seen stuffing your pants and underwear between the car seats, and your DNA was found on his mouth.

If you’re female and living in Alberta, this is what the conservative parties of your province are doing on campus. They’re pushing misogynous crapaganda. Or trying to. And the only reason they didn’t get away with it this time is that they got caught…and caught flack for calling feminism “cancer” in their promotional e-mails. The real question is, why did they even think it was a good idea to screen this “men’s rights” garbage in the first place? (The answer will become apparent when you click on the link and scroll down.)

And no, said crapaganda is not any less misogynous if a woman is filming, pushing, and promoting it. Just sayin’.

If you’re female and living in Ireland, Tuam is a four-letter word to you for sure. And phrases like “mother and baby homes” and “Magdalene laundries” are an outright curse. As is the way the country lags behind the EU in terms of birth control and abortion rights, which is why atrocities like those of Tuam and the Magdalene laundries took place in the first place. Ireland isn’t openly known as a theocracy, but for the last 100 years it may as well have been, because the Catholic church was given far too free a hand in the social agencies of the state.

If you’re female and living in Russia, you may or may not know of the role your foremothers played in the Russian Revolution of 1917. No, the big spark didn’t ignite in October, and ol’ Uncle Volodya Lenin was an Ivan-come-lately. It was a women’s strike in St. Petersburg on this day that got the ball rolling. And that’s pretty significant today, too, because Russia has seen some real setbacks in women’s rights…the biggest recent one being the decriminalization of wife-beating.

If you’re female and a Muslim and can fly a commercial jetliner with an all-woman crew, rejoice…in the irony of landing your plane in a country where women are not yet allowed to drive cars. But hey! That country isn’t on the Muslim ban list, despite having produced 15 of the 19 hijackers of 9-11.

And of course, right-wingers in the US never seem to hold that country up as one of “those places where women have it so much worse than you cunts do in this, the best country in the world.” Where a whole bunch of organizers just got arrested for protesting outside of one of Drumpf’s dumps. Yay! MOAR irony!

If you’re female and living in Virginia, you’ve got this luvverly Libertarian candidate, who thinks it should be legal for fathers to marry their own daughters, as well as abuse them, and above all, to keep women disenfranchised permanently at the voting booth. Thankfully, he’s so toxic that even his own party — a veritable bowl of mixed nuts — is trying to get rid of him. Because he’s embarrassing? Maybe. Because he’s a felon who threatened the life of the first black US president? Oh, possibly.

And oh yeah…this draft-dodging pussy-grabber is STILL squatting in the White House. And tweeting platitudes, as if anyone would ever forget all the sexist shit he’s put out on Twitter in the past. Or the blatantly sexist conflict of interest he’s got going with China right now.

Happy Women’s Day!

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