Your Monday smile: Watch a right-wing troll get thoroughly pwned

Oy, the “alt”-right are a sad, SAD bunch. It takes this pitiful caller (who of course would pick the name of an action hero as his pseudonym) over 6 minutes to get to his cherished (and discredited) tome of academic racism, over 10 minutes to get to “you’re a cuck” (which is their generic insult to any white man they don’t like, presumably for insufficient demonstration of macho whiteness), 13 minutes to declare himself an “alpha male”. But then for the rest of the time he dithers about his sexual experiences and gets weirdly defensive when challenged on it (which is hilarious for a troll who obsesses about other men’s sex lives), and finally, seeing how hard he’s being laughed at, tries desperately to change the subject (which is a sure sign of Epic Troll Fail).

What kills me at the 17-minute mark is how the troll projects by asking him why he has “such a sexual fetish for black men”. Given that these trolls are the ones with the “black man cuckolds white guy” porn fetish (yes, it’s documented), that’s just a scream.

Anyway, if you’ve got 20 minutes to kill, give it a watch and enjoy. I’m off to try to figure out where this “crypto-Jew” insult came from, and why this fool tried to apply it to someone who hasn’t even tried to hide how Jewish he is.

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