Down goes Ezra! Down goes Ezra!

Hey! Remember when right-wing crapagandarati thought they ruled the world? Well, one of them is out of the White House. And another one, a lesser northern one, is out of the Internets altogether, apparently:

The ultra-conservative online Canadian media outlet The Rebel reportedly went dark in some parts of the world Monday after a technology company stopped directing traffic to its site.

Rebel proprietor Ezra Levant told Reuters he was given 24 hours notice of — but no explanation for — the move.

“If this was a political censorship decision, it is terrifying — like a phone company telling you it is cancelling your phone number on 24 hours notice because it doesn’t like your conversations,” Levant told Reuters. He did not identify the company.

Oh gee. Well, if your “conversations” happen to include supporting genocide, fascism and terrorism, and they constantly libel refugees and slam their religion, does any phone company owe you a line? No. And neither does the internet owe you a platform to spew from.

And when you’ve been hemorrhaging “conversation partners” over your willingness to coddle the worst, what the hell do you even expect? Sympathy?

Of course, this is just the latest in a long line of epic pratfalls for Ezra. He’s never held an honest job in his life; he got his start as a right-wing newsletter scribbler in the mid-2000s, and has been on a (steadily downhill) roll ever since. His last major media efforts, with the laughable Fux Snooze North (a.k.a. Sun News Network), bit the dust two years ago. Just before it all fell through, he was trying to force cable and satellite providers to carry the channel, and the viewing public revolted against having to pay for something they had no intention of watching, much less supporting with their hard-earned dollars on our overpriced carriers.

Who are the real rebels here, again?

But hey! Ezzy’s planning a proposed reboot for his “rebel media” empire. What it entails he won’t say (coy much?), but as to how it will end, I have a fair idea. Not with a bang, but a cascade of sputters, followed by a thin, mosquito-like whine.

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