Twitter is doing WHAT?

Because corporations can absolutely be trusted to decide, VIA AUTOMATED ALGORITHMS, what is real and what is false news, eh? I mean, what could go wrong?

BTW, here’s the Kiriakou interview Jimmy referenced in the video above:

There are some facts missing here, however. Among them:

The Drumpf Dossier and the alleged “pee-pee tape” were originally procured, not by the Democrats from the Russians, but by a lesser-known right-wing website, the Free Beacon, from a former member of British Intelligence who now runs his own private detective agency. This opposition research (which is not unusual in a contentious political campaign season, and probably not technically illegal either) was likely used to vet Republican pre-candidates first, but then later suppressed (on whose orders, one wonders?) and later still, picked up by the Dems, who used it (rather ineptly) in Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. So while it’s true that both sides used this sketchy material, it should be noted that the Repugs tried to use it first…and then, for reasons yet to be revealed, dropped it.

I’m also wondering how the two brothers, John and Tony Podesta, came to be working for ostensibly opposing political campaigns. I guess that’s not technically illegal either — hey, in the US of Amnesia, brother has fought brother as far back (at least) as the Civil War. But I’m going to be keeping a close eye on stories about those two, because they reek of mafia. And their respective prominent presences don’t exactly do much to discourage speculation that the two-party political system in the US is really not two parties after all.

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