Yes, Donnie DID molest Ann Romney!

Further to my post from the other day: A viewer of David Pakman’s YouTube show dug up a longer video showing the entire interaction between Donnie Drumpf and Ann Romney. Not only does he have a weird smirk on his face at the moment she shifts and grimaces, but when he’s shaking her husband’s hand at the end of the speech, she doesn’t stick around. Instead, she skitters off, possibly pretending there’s someone in the crowd that she wants to speak to. Which is exactly the sort of thing you might expect a woman to do when she’s just been groped by a creep and she’s trying to save face. Take a look:

You saw it too, right? She couldn’t wait to get the fuck away from him. And she was out of reach of his hand by the time he stretched it out to her again.

If that’s not the mark of a pinchy pervert, I don’t know what is.

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