Neo-Nazis: Can we finally start calling them TERRORISTS now, instead of “patriots”?

Isn’t it funny how often these far-right groups style themselves as “patriots”, who only care about “preserving heritage” when they’re going out to protect the statues of seditious terrorists who fought for the right to own other humans on the grounds that those humans were black, and therefore, not really human?

Well. Now that they’re turning out to be increasingly responsible for murders (like those of Blaze Bernstein and the Kuhn-Frickers), and apparently also had their sights set on bombing nuclear power plants in Florida, can we FINALLY call them what they are? They are TERRORISTS. They have never been anything else.

And, oh yeah: They WORSHIP Charlie Manson. See, assholes, I was right: Charlie, that virulent racist from West Virginia, was always on the far right. He was always your boy.

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