Are Dubya and his war criminals suddenly respectable?

You might be forgiven for thinking so, but Jimmy Dore doesn’t:

And neither do I. Dubya is still a dick, even if Donnie is a bigger one. David Fucking Frum may sound suddenly reasonable right now, but remember, he’s the crapagandist who authored the phrase “Axis of Evil” and rah-rahed BushCo into that fuckery in Iraq. And all of them, ALL OF THEM, are war criminals. STILL. That hasn’t changed. Just because Dubya’s fucked-up White House wasn’t as badly fucked up as Donnie’s, doesn’t mean that it was a model of statesmanship and reasonability. If anything, it was the forerunner of the current ungodly mess. And it set a bad precedent, just as Nixon’s did for Dubya & Co. Why the hell Ellen DeGeneres saw fit to dance with these guys, I don’t know. Just because some time has passed between that fuckery and this, is no reason to get nostalgic. Nothing has improved in the interim, and in fact it’s all gotten worse thanks to policies Dubya set in place. No respect is due, and no respectability should be granted. Period.

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