A well-deserved booing

First, here’s what this evil woman did to deserve it:

And here is what she got for it:

Yup, Donnie’s homeland security secretary got mike-checked…at a Mexican restaurant. Which she fully deserved. Imagine, going to rub it in Mexicans’ faces that she could get any one of them deported at any time. Little does she realize that restaurant workers, Mexican or otherwise, fear the local health inspector a lot more than they would the likes of HER. And less still does she realize that the Democratic Socialists are onto her, just as they were onto MILO FUCKING ALL CAPS, and fully prepared to shame her out of there.

And it wasn’t just HER, either…get a load of who ELSE got booed out by brave people of good conscience, just exercising their First Amendment rights:

Ach, du liebe Schadenfreude! Could a booing be any more richly deserved?

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