Tory MPs and the racist high-five

Well, well. Look who’s proud to be voting against a private member’s bill put forward by an indigenous MP:

In case you’re wondering who these two loud-and-proud racists are, he is Dane Lloyd (MP for Sturgeon River-Parkland, Alberta) and she is Rosemarie Falk (Battlefords-Lloydminster, Saskatchewan). To add to the shame of this disgraceful vote, she represents the riding where Colten Boushie was murdered by a white farmer, who in turn was acquitted of the charge by a jury of his (racist white) peers. Racism doesn’t get any more systemic — or obvious — than out on the Prairies, where white people farm on what they secretly know is stolen land, and get very trigger-happy at the sight of a non-white face, even if it’s just a young guy knocking on the door asking for help. And these two are the face of systemic racism in Canada today.

But since the bill passed (third reading and adoption on May 30) in spite of their votes and their giggly moment of schoolyard-bully glee, I hope Mr. Lloyd and Ms. Falk are now enjoying their moment in the spotlight. (According to Twitter, he’s blocking anyone who questions him on it, so I think someone may be just a weeny bit touchy about it.)

PS: 77 other Cons also voted against, so that should tell you all you need to know about THAT party and where it stands on the deep, systemic racism which our indigenous brothers and sisters are still suffering. They love that racism, and they want to keep it entrenched in our legal and governmental system. It’s a thoroughly partisan disgrace, and it shames us all as a country. But hey, at least 77 of them had the modicum of decency not to act so childish about their votes.

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