In which two white supremacists go cuck themselves

This is so delicious, you’ll want to watch it several times to get the full flavor of it all:

The guy in the red gingham shirt is Patrick Little, the neo-Nazi who (thankfully) lost his run for a Republican candidacy in California. He’s talking to Jason Kessler (on the phone), the organizer of last year’s “Unite the Right” rally, the one where Heather Heyer was murdered by a Nazi who deliberately ran her and over a dozen others down with his car. Seems that Little Jason isn’t too thrilled about having to stay with his parents because he can’t afford a place of his own, thanks to the legal fees he’s paying because he’s being sued for his part in that vehicular homicide. And his dad is none to happy about the kid livestreaming from the parents’ bedroom. In fact, both of his parents are not impressed with this whole Nazi thing. He calls them “cucked”, but the truth of the matter is, he’s the cucked one, and he’s brought it all on himself.

Same goes for Little, who is broadcasting from a boat because he’s afraid his landlord (“Shlomo”; how stereotypey can an antisemite get?) is going to throw him out. And he’s gonna have to sell the boat to pay his own legal fees, or whatever. My question is, how does a Nazi get his hands on a boat in the first place? Those things aren’t cheap. Who are all the dumb cucks who spent money so he could buy one of those? Maybe he’ll have to sell it (at a loss, he stresses) to pay these suckers back.

Any way you slice it, it’s funny as hell. Both of these fascists aren’t looking so high and mighty now.

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