Old hash dealer sets up snitch site for prudish parents

Shades of Mike Fucking Harris’s welfare fraud hotline…and the HarpoCons’ Barbaric Cultural Practices snitchline, eh? Yeah, Dougie thought all that fuckin’ bullshit was a fantastic idea, so now he plans to introduce something similar…for outing teachers who dare to keep step with modern times:

The Ontario government is launching a snitch site for parents to lodge complaints against teachers they believe aren’t following provincial curriculum.

In a press release issued Wednesday, Premier Doug Ford warned teachers against teaching the 2015 sex-ed curriculum the Progressive Conservatives repealed in July.

“We expect our teachers, principals and school board officials to fulfill their obligations to parents and children when it comes to what our students learn in the classroom,” he said.

“We will not tolerate anybody using our children as pawns for grandstanding and political games. And, make no mistake, if we find somebody failing to do their job, we will act.”

Can you believe the chutzpah? The biggest political grandstanders and game-players here are none other than the not-so-Progressive Conservatives of Ontario, who apparently think it should be a parent’s right to keep their children in the dark about issues that can’t be simply legislated under the rug any longer. And they are more than happy to bully any teacher who dares stand up to them.

And guess who the pawns are? Yup…KIDS. Not just those of regressive Conservatives (yes, I know, that is redundant), but everyone else, as well. Including the progressive majority of Ontario parents, who did NOT vote for this old drug dealer. (What’s that? You FORGOT that Dougie used to deal hash in the parking lots of Etobicoke to actual schoolkids? Well, have a little memory refresher.)

And of course, this is a done (pardon the pun, which is fully intended) deal. No haggling allowed:

Neither the premier nor Education Minister Lisa Thompson were made available for questions or interviews.

That’s probably because they have no bullshit-free answers to offer to the press, whom they’ve already declared to be the enemies of the Conservatives people.

So, what does their harebrained nincompoopery plan consist of? Well, a slight (but still outdated) refinement on the old curriculum, plus a little extra:

Until now the government said it would rely on the sex-ed curriculum from 1998. However, the government has now put forth a revised version of that curriculum, which was updated in 2010.

As part of a plan to ensure teachers only use the older sex-ed curriculum, the government unveiled a complaints website for parents — branded fortheparents.ca — and reminded them of other ways to complain about teachers both online and over the phone with the Ontario College of Teachers.

Yeah, that’s going to work out great. I foresee a buttload of crank phone calls, and a DOS attack on the planned website.

That is, if Dougie ever manages to scratch up the funding for this dumbass boondoggle.

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