In which an ugly racist forgets Poland

Ah, Stevie Moulinex Food-Processor. How many ways IS your shiny pate a dim bulb? Let us now enumerate them:

1. Your anecdotal “evidence” of Poland being crime- and trouble-free is painfully thin.

2. Especially since your basis for all your claims was just a tourist jaunt. You didn’t actually bother LIVING there, did you?

3. The reason you heard no talk of white privilege is because nobody discusses such things with foreign tourists.

4. And anyway, do you even speak Polish, bro? I’m guessing you don’t. You’re not even that competent in English. You call yourself an “empiricist”? I think you need to look that word up. It does not mean what you think it means, namely “a tourist who thinks his pitifully few experiences in a country are somehow representative of that country as a whole”.

5. All the Poles who have migrated to the dangerous, decadent, multiracial west over the years strangely prefer that society over the one that birthed them. I’m sure that economic opportunity has nothing to do with it. (I’m also sure that an openness to strangers and outsiders couldn’t be the reason, either.)

6. If your hometown were suddenly to incur an influx of Polish immigrants and refugee claimants, you wouldn’t be embracing them as your white European skinfolk; you’d be complaining how “dirty” they all are, spitting on them, and demanding that they speak English. (As poorly as YOU do, even.)

7. And finally, I’m pretty sure that the Poles were more than happy when you left their land, too. The air undoubtedly smelled a lot less of bullshit, even in farm country.

Oh yeah, and here’s a bonus, from an actual Pole in the YouTube commentariat:

Ow! Looks like somebody’s gonna need some ointment for that.

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