Donnie’s latest dumb gambit against Venezuela

Uncle Donnie directs the Venezuelan opposition to run off a cliff like lemmings, calling for non-recognition of Madurito and an interim government as a peace-dove looks on in horror: “Damn, dude, what crazies!”

Jesus Christ. While the US government is still shut down because the tantrumming manbaby isn’t getting his vanity wall, look what he’s presuming to do to a government that isn’t even his:

President Donald Trump is considering recognizing Venezuela’s opposition leader as the legitimate president of the country, three sources familiar with the matter told CNN, a significant move that would increase pressure on Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro.

Trump is weighing recognizing the country’s National Assembly President Juan Guaido as the legitimate Venezuelan leader after Maduro, a socialist authoritarian who has presided over Venezuela’s political and economic crisis, was sworn in last week for a second term.

The Venezuelan opposition, the United States and dozens of other countries have decried Maduro’s presidency illegitimate and the country’s constitution says a presidential vacancy can be filled by the president of the National Assembly.

Sorry for quoting CNN, which is as biased and stinky as any other mainstream news outlet on Venezuela, but at least those idiots (who can’t be arsed to understand that “socialist authoritarian” is an oxymoron) do realize that Madurito is the legitimate president of Venezuela, and even bothered to capitalize the title. And yes, they actually troubled to quote the Bolivarian Constitution correctly. I’m impressed!

However, there’s also the salient fact that there is NO presidential vacancy to be filled here. Madurito was just recently sworn in for his latest term in office, and more heads of state attended that ceremony than did for Donnie’s beloved Bolsovômito in Brazil, too. As ever, the Venezuelan people voted for him, not some oppo buffoon. He’s not going anywhere…at least, not until he steps down or is voted out by the populace, not a bunch of perennial losers who are always crying “illegitimate” or “we won’t recognize”, while notably not refusing to recognize an elected official when it’s one of their own. Who are the frauds, again?

As for the OAS, the “dozens of other countries” mentioned here, that organization is so laughably impotent and blatantly in the pockets of Washington and Miami that it’s a wonder anyone recognizes them as legitimate at all, south of the Rio Bravo. But hey, if they want to disgrace themselves even further by kissing that orange ass and getting their lips encrusted with Cheeto dust, they can do their worst, as I’m sure they will. It’s not like I’ve ever had much respect for them anyway. (Actually, it’s not like I’ve ever had ANY.)

Meanwhile, if you wonder who this Guaidó guido is, and why Donnie Dumbfuck is so keen on inserting him where nobody elected him to be, here’s a little something that goes back ten full years to show where he really fits in the slimy ecosystem that is the fascist opposition of Venezuela…and the fetid swamp of Washington:

The president of the National Assembly in contempt, Juan Guaidó, was one of the 17 young people invited to the so-called “Mexican Fiesta” held late in 2009, “which permitted the party of Leopoldo López to take control of the student movement,” reported the investigative website, La Tabla.

According to the report, the former external director of [state oil company] PDVSA, Pedro Mario Burelli, was the one who obtained the funds to hold the event, “aimed at defining a conspiratorial plan for the long term and offering methodological tools to make a ‘color revolution’ in Venezuela”.

As well, the report emphasized that it was not the first time Burelli had come so close to “control of the agenda of the dispersed parties and groups against [president Hugo] Chávez”, recalling that he was the one who, in 2017, managed to install as president of the organism the opposition member Freddy Guevara, who is still in contempt of court.

“Possibly, after Guaidó, the only option remaining is Yon Goicoechea, who, however, is going with a more individual project known as Plan País”, added La Tabla.

The former external chief of PDVSA, let us recall, recently published a message against the president of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, on his Twitter account, in which he warned that [Maduro] had two options: converting himself into [former Panamanian dictator Manuel] Noriega, or deciding for the destiny of Muammar Gadhafi.

Burelli was head of JP Morgan and external director of PDVSA until the year 1998, and supported positions in favor of privatizing the industry by way of investment capitalization. The ex-functionary is said to “have access to the structure of the US State Department, specifically functionaries close to the Clintons.”

Translation mine.

So you can see that Juan Guaidó is not Venezuela’s man in Caracas, but Washington’s. He’s the finger puppet of a man who used to be one of the crooked clique that ran PDVSA, Venezuela’s state oil company, until 1998. That was the year Chavecito was elected president for the first time, and once he had the reins of power in his hand, he moved to nationalize, not privatize, the entity further. He fired the goons who were stuffing their pockets with that sweet, sweet oil money before fleeing the country with it (invariably washing up in either Washington or Miami, where they lost no time complaining about “that dictator” who had the effrontery to do the job the people of Venezuela elected him to do, instead of the bidding of the IMF and the World Bank). And in doing so, he set the stage for the coup against him in 2002…a coup that, tellingly, was reversed by the same people who elected him. They turned out in their millions to demand that he be returned from where the military were holding him captive, and he was. Remember that? An Irish TV crew made a whole movie about it as it was going down:

Yeah. Kind of hard to forget that. Although the US of Amnesia is notorious for never learning from past mistakes.

Something tells me that if they try it with Madurito, they’re going to be going up against the same people who brought Chavecito back. And this time, the army will be on the same side as the people, from the high command on down.

Washington would do well to remember that, because Venezuela has not forgotten.

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