Economics professor explains Venezuela’s capitalist putsch

…as well as the Green New Deal, and the hullabaloo surrounding it:

Prof. Wolff points out that hyperinflation is a capitalist problem, not a socialist one. He also points out that the original Roosevelt New Deal was not the cause of inflation, but rather caused prices to go down as production went up.

And he hammers home the point that Bolivia, under Evo Morales, has NOT suffered the problems Venezuela has, even though Evo is as much a socialist as the PSUV ruling party of Venezuela. Quite the contrary: Bolivia’s economy has grown on multiple fronts, and the Bolivian people in turn have benefited.

In short: The economic rationales for the Venezuelan putsch are nonsense. The news reports pushing for the putsch are nonsense. The liberal-democratic rationale for supporting the putsch is nonsense.

So, when are people of actual good will going to condemn this nonsense?

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