Gammon’s latest pathetic bid for attention

Hooboy. Strap yourselves in tight, folks, and have your barf bags ready, because it’s about to get awful cringey out there:

Hu-URP! BllllURKH! Ptui!

‘scuse me. I just had a little something in my mouth there. I feel much better now.

No, that wasn’t Colonel Sanders, or his awkward and dimwitted grandson from Texas. That was Gammon, struggling to make a point (or glean some cheap laughs) and only exposing himself further as a bigoted idiot who is all hat and no cattle.

And in case you’re wondering what he’s yammering about there in the video: The Southern Poverty Law Centre, housed in the bomb-proof-for-a-reason building in the background, has declared Gammon’s thug gang, the Proud Boys, to be a hate group (based on its actual activities, particularly a recent riot they incited in New York). Gammon himself has supposedly stepped down as leader of the group and disavowed it. And — this is the most important part — the thug gang is having trouble financing itself, since several popular online payment platforms have kicked them off.

So it’s no wonder Gammon is a little bit off his game here, and lashing out at the good folks who are responsible for all the cold winds blowing over his private parts. I don’t think this is going to help him make his case against the SPLC, though.

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