What is wrong with young conservatives?

It’s almost as if they don’t care about winning YOUNG hearts and minds to their causes, is it? Probably because their causes are literally fascist, and appallingly awful shit, aimed at the aging reactionaries if they are aimed at anyone at all. Ash Sarkar breaks it all the way down:

And yes, that’s right: Toilet Paper USA is trying to astroturf the UK right now. With limited success, as we can see. Probably because “libertarian” defences of Adolf Hitler, even with a black face slapped over top, don’t fly too well in a country once threatened by that same shitty little PFC from Austria:

But hey. I guess money fixes just about everything when you’re morally vacant and intellectually bankrupt, eh?

PS: Here’s a longer video, from a German perspective, that explains why oligarch-funded fascism is not a bug of “democratic” (note quotes, there for a reason) capitalism, but a feature:

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