Greg Palast exposes media lies about Venezuela (again!)

Is the current Venezuela situation a case of déjà vu all over again? Damn right it is. And if it all sounds woefully familiar, that’s because you’ve heard it all before. As early as 2002, in fact. And here’s a guy who was following the story back then, who saw it go down the first time, pointing out the parallels this time:

Our man Greg Palast, in the house…and incidentally demonstrating (for all you idiot incels out there) how to REALLY wear a fedora. (You’ll note that he’s not wearing an anime t-shirt or a Hawaiian print shirt and cargo shorts, but a proper suit.)

Here’s Greg again, calling in to Thom Hartmann’s show, and not holding back:

And yup, it’s all about the oil this time, too.

BTW, Jimmy isn’t just hosting one great expositor on Venezuela, but a whole slew of ’em:

Max Blumenthal, showing how far from starving the Venezuelan oppos actually are. And how crooked the mainstream Democrats, like Donna Shalala (shame on her) for supporting the coup.

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