Neo-Nazi outs himself as a gay catboy fetishist

No joke. Vaush has allllllll the receipts:

Yeah, that’s right: Nick Fucking Fuentes live-streamed at least 10 whole hours of himself on a gay date with a cat-eared rentboy. And that’s not all: He also has a shit-ton of catboy fetish porn on his own Discord server.

And all this while he’s busy yapping on about how anyone who’s not a “tradcon” with a “tradwife” and a “tradfam” is somehow a “degenerate”. Remember, too, how he recently crashed Diaper Don’s book-launching shindig, and tried to make it all about himself and his group, prompting Junior’s girlfriend to call him an incel? Oh, how funny all that seems in light of…THIS.

Vaush’s visible glee as he deadpan eyes the camera during Fuentes’ silly monologues is worth watching in and of itself. This self-pwn is right up there on a par with Larry Craig and his wide stance. But Vaush also makes some great points: How the hell is it possible to be a neo-Nazi while simultaneously being a closet “degenerate”, as Nick and his own ilk categorize LGBT+ folk? What kind of mental contortions are required to be a rentboy in a Sailor Moon costume and kitty ears while at the same time being fashy as fuck? And what’s going to happen to this very young (and quite vulnerable) guy when his fellow fascists turn on him, as they are bound to do when the santorum hits the fan? Who’s going to give this poor, dumb bastard a place to land when his Zeppelin inevitably goes up in smoke?

Vaush closes by offering to debate him. Which is something you really shouldn’t do, at least with convinced Nazis; like wrestling with a pig in mud, you’d only get dirty and the pig would be wayyyy too into it. But on the other hand, it doesn’t seem that Nick Fuentes is really all that convinced a Nazi. And maybe a good mud-wrestling session with a confirmed leftist will end up doing for his soul what a good mudpack does for an acne-ridden face. One really never knows.

And if it turns out that he was just doing it for the lulz, which is what they all say, I hope Vaush rubs his nose in it and points out that even if you fuck a goat as a joke, you are still, no joke, a goat-fucker. That’s not hipster “irony”, that’s real O. Henry-grade irony.

Whatever the outcome of this might be, I’ll just be over here with my beer and popcorn, if anybody needs me. Or wants to organize a watch party, which I’m totally down for.

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