Nazi hate comes for Bernie

Don’t blink, or you’ll miss it. Remember what happened the last time people shut their eyes to a turd in the political punchbowl? Some people do:

The perpetrator has a name and a face, by the way. It’s this guy:

Robert Sterkeson was the man who held up a Nazi flag at a Bernie Sanders rally in Arizona on March 5, according to the Anti-Defamation League. Sterkeson is the founder of the Islamophobic group, Bomb Islam.

Not long after unfurling the flag at the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Sterkeson began to shout, “Heil Hitler,” witnesses said. Sanders’ supporters ripped the flag from Sterkeson’s hands before security escorted him out.


On his YouTube channel, Sterkeson refers to himself as a 2024 Presidential candidate. Sterkeson writes, “Sick of Clown World? Help me get the nuclear codes.” He then provides links to his BitCoin account. The majority of the videos on Sterkeson’s page are of him playing various video games. Sterkeson calls himself the “Commander in Chief” on a now-deleted LinkedIn page. The profile photo on that Linked-In page showed Sterkeson with an assault rifle.

On a separate account, Sterkeson writes, “Islam is the cancer. NUKES are the answer!” In his most recent video, Sterkeson posts and comments on a series of racist memes taking aim at African-Americans, the LGBTQ community, rapper Cardi B, and Jewish people. Sterkeson makes no mention of the Bernie Sanders rally. He spends the latter half of his show putting a racist angle on various news stories.

Sterkeson was featured in the 2016 BBC documentary, “Muslims Under Attack.” In the documentary, Sterkeson’s followers in Arizona are described as a “small group of army veterans, determined to uphold American values.”

Where have I heard of “a small group…determined to uphold American values” before? Especially in conjunction with Arizona? Oh yeah, in the case of another infamous Nazi named Robert. Namely, Robert Mathews. If you ever want to know what he was like and how he paralleled and prefigured this particular Robert, read The Silent Brotherhood sometime. He, Mathews, started out in his fascist career as a teenage John Bircher who morphed into a small-time “militia” leader in Arizona, and ended up in a fatal shootout with the feds (and being cremated in his own house, David Koresh-style, not quite ten years before Koresh became a household name for his own much more spectacular, but still strikingly similar, demise.)

With any luck, though, this Robert-from-Arizona won’t come to such a glorious end. Ignominy is what he deserves, and what he should earn, with his idiotic and fascistic deeds.

Also, he has a very punchable face.

ETA: And looky here at what Vaush has found. Can you say IRONY POISONING, kiddies?

Yeah. It’s all just clowny Honkler memes until someone “jokes” (but not really) that he wants to be president on a kill-the-Muslims platform. That’s pretty much where he and the deadly earnest Mathews diverge, but it helps if you realize that none of these guys are really joking…they’re just acting like they are because it’s good propaganda to lure in the goofy gamer boys.

Or because memes are magic, or some such dumb shit.

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