Why “All Lives Matter” is racist bullshit

Gasp! How could anyone say such a terrible thing? Because it’s true, duh. I know that, and so, probably, do you, but in case there’s any doubt, just check out this prize specimen right here:

“All Lives Matter!” he shouted, right before nocking an arrow on his hunting bow and trying to fucking kill somebody. (Whereupon he promptly got an object lesson in why you don’t say one thing and do its opposite when you’re surrounded by a rightfully angry crowd.)

And if you look closely at his bow arm, you’ll see he’s wearing an armguard. Archers wear those to keep the bowstring from whacking them once an arrow is shot. Yup, that’s right, he came prepared. So our neighborhood vigilante here can’t even use the excuse that he just impulsively did it because they attacked him. Or because they provoked him. Nope, he went in there LOOKING to kill somebody. For no good reason, other than to make the (lame) point that right-wingers who claim to value “all lives”, actually don’t value any other than their own.

And then he promptly lied to the media when the TV reporters interviewed him, too. Because of course he would. Did you see him blame “two black African-Americans”? He claims they beat him up because he said “All Lives Matter”, but actually it was because he shot at someone. Seems that the only thing that can stop “bad” people with no weapons but their bodies and their constitutional right to free speech is a “good” one with a bow and arrow, eh?

But here’s the thing: You don’t bring a gun to a knife fight, and you don’t bring your hunting bow to a peaceful protest for minority rights. You don’t use those things to persuade people, you use them to threaten, injure, and kill. If you go in on unarmed protesters while armed for bear, you are NOT the good guy. It doesn’t matter if you’re a cop or a civilian. Any words you shout are automatically rendered meaningless by your actions, because those speak louder. And what you do unto others is fair grounds for retaliation.

So, if you believe that all lives actually matter, you shouldn’t be surprised if your violent response to a peaceful protest is met with counter-violence. And you shouldn’t be offended if you come out of it with a black eye or two. (Metaphorical or literal.)

Bowhunter Brandon doesn’t actually care about all lives, because he tried to take one that day, and failed. Frankly, he’s lucky they only pummeled him a bit, and didn’t kill him as he tried to do with them.

Sic semper imbecilis, motherfucker.

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