Man who called for defence of US Capitol jailed

This is just wild. An anarchist who did nothing wrong and harmed no one, got 44 months for calling for…an organized act of patriotism? Listen to this:

So, just so we’re clear here: There are actual insurrectionists who got less time than this guy, for actually doing things much worse. Among them, notably: the infamous “Q Shaman”, Jacob Fucking Chansley, who only got 41 months. And there are actual murderers and terrorists walking free, too; see Kyle Fucking Rittenhouse.

There are all kinds of right-wing terrorists out there still roaming the streets, doing much more than just threatening harm. But this guy, who threatened no one? Nearly 4 years in the federal pokey.

So much for the whole “good guy with a gun” canard that the NRA keeps quacking.

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