Boer boor gets booers at bootlicker’s show

Emma Vigeland and Co. on the Majority Report dissect what went down at Dave Chappelle’s “comedy” show the other night. (Note the quotes — as usual, there for a reason.) Sounds like a good time was had by almost none until he dragged a certain billionaire onto the stage in a lame effort to look cool, and got both of them dragged in return by the crowd. Now THAT was funny!

What’s not so funny, of course, is how many people paid good money for bad seats just to see…this fucking shit. And to get a dull sermon on being nice to billionaires, from someone who you’d think didn’t need to lick boots for cash anymore. If those people had wanted to attend a megachurch to get preached at and fleeced, they’d have paid to see Joel Fucking Osteen. (Chances are, they’d get better views and audio, too.)

But hey! The real comedy is still happening out here on the internets, where people are still dunking on the both of them, but mainly you-know-who. And of course, most of them couldn’t resist pointing out the parallels to a certain episode of The Simpsons:

Yup, that’s about the size of it. And that’s about the extent to which Dave Chappelle, “I’m rich, bitch” notwithstanding, has shrunk in the eyes of the world. He’s now the guy who insists the crowd was saying “Boo-urns”. Maybe next time, don’t shit on the people who paid insane amounts of money for their nosebleed seats just to see your saggy ol’ ass making lame jokes about titty bars on Mars, Dave.

And if you care so much about “feeling free”, you might also not want to invite Apartheid Clyde, who is still trying to expunge the videos of his disgrace from the internet in the name of Freeze Peach.

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