JordyPete’s no-good, very-bad retweet

Yes, folks, it really has come down to this. JordyPete has finally reached the level of complete and utter brain-rot:

And yes, he really did retweet that, although it has since been deleted:

Dr Jordan Peterson has been roasted online for sharing a “male milking” BDSM fetish porn video falsely portrayed as being from a Chinese Communist Party “sperm bank”.

“Such fun in unbelievable techno-nightmare CCP hell,” the Canadian psychologist wrote on Twitter on Saturday in the since-deleted post.

The extremely graphic video, shared by an account purporting to document human rights abuses in China, showed three naked men lying in hospital beds attached to “male milking machines”.

“What’s going on in China? Three children policy?” the account captioned the post.

Dr Peterson’s daughter Mikhaila Peterson replied, “DAD you can’t retweet this on Twitter. My eyes will never recover.”

Twitter users quickly pointed out that the video was from a UK-based fetish porn studio.

“So just to be 100 per cent clear — Jordan Peterson just unironically retweeted a video of a BDSM ‘male milking’ dungeon in the UK claimed to be footage of human rights abuses in China,” wrote journalist Anna Slatz.

“One man’s techno-nightmare hell is another man’s techno-nightmare heaven.”

The original account later apologised, writing, “Sorry. My mistake. I found this video on WeChat and they said this is China’s collection room for sperm bank. Turns out that this video is from UK.”

The original account apologized for spreading anti-China crapaganda. But did Jordy? Nope. He was in the midst of a retweeting frenzy, in which he made a fool of himself multiple times, although never quite as hilariously as with this particular one:

(I love Lance’s laugh, BTW. If I weren’t already in kinks over Jordy’s commie-crazed wankery, that guffaw would have sent me.)

Several tweeters noted that Jordy’s in hot water with his own regulatory body (yes, he is still under the official governance of one, much to his chagrin). And wondered how this will affect him there, too:

I suspect that he’s going to lose his psych licence regardless of his tweeting habits (although they’re sure not helping him in that department), since he hasn’t practiced clinically in years, or kept his training up to date in order to do so. And also, since he’s simply terrible as a psychologist, especially when it comes to his work with women:

As another Redditor pointed out on that same thread, it’s also pretty rich that JordyPete makes a big stink about how we all need to “follow the rules” for proper workplace conduct, but when he himself is told the rules, he immediately freaks out and tries to lay down another set, one that happens to coincide with the stereotypes that feminists have been struggling for several decades to abolish.

And he’s very touchy (and litigious) when called on it, too. One gets the distinct impression that he thinks the only rules he should be subject to (and all the rest of us, as well) are the ones he makes for himself — and makes obscene amounts of money peddling to wankers even dumber than himself. He fancies himself as the current era’s Ward Cleaver, but he comes off as a petulant, pedantic Mussolini Piccolomini. He actually floated the idea once of launching a website that would be aimed at “knock[ing] enrolment in the postmodern disciplines down by 75 per cent over the next five years” because such disciplines “inflict upon students, who don’t know any better, corrupt ideology.” Pretty censorious, that; in fact, it’s the very epitome of “corrupt ideology”, which he claims to oppose. And then he has the nerve to whine (very nasally) about oh, how could we all think he’s fascist when he’s the biggest advocate of Freeze Peach in the history of Ever?

Well, as the old saying goes: if it looks like a duck, waddles like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it probably IS a duck. And it’s high time that this elaborately stupid quack got sent to the big ol’ pond of irrelevance, to join all the other silly geese. When you can’t even tell the difference between your froth-brained notions of “post-modern neo-Marxism” and, uh, milking-machine fetish porn, you don’t belong in the same room with serious people anymore.

Not that JordyPete ever did. I mean, he did see fit to include this in his own doctoral thesis:

And why that didn’t automatically disqualify him from receiving that doctorate and wreaking havoc on our collective sanity, I’ll never know.

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