Old fart rips one at gasbag dinner

Come for the hilarity, stay for the unfunny reality:

Yes, that fart-fight at the food-fest was funny…but what’s not funny is the misinformation that Bobby Kennedy Jr. is spreading.

And he’s a fucking environmental lawyer! He knows better, or should — but he chooses not to care. And worse, he chooses to come to a false conclusion about the parts he does care about. Worst of all, he keeps spreading those false conclusions like a Typhoid Bobby. Remember his anti-vaccine activism? Over a million US citizens don’t, because they’re now dead of COVID. The death toll from that pandemic is now greater, for the United States of Amnesia, than those of both world wars combined! I hate to think how many of them died because Bobby or someone like him planted unjustified fear — oh sorry, “vaccine hesitancy” — in their hearts.

Just imagine how much more damage he can do with anti-environmental nonsense like his idea that man-made climate change is just a “scare”, and that the “discipline of the free market”, which has been conspicuously absent, will somehow “correct” it. Because unlike COVID, climate change will harm us all, and no place is safe from it. And the eastern seaboard of the US, in particular, is heavily populated and in grave danger from rising ocean levels.

Mike’s right, we should be concerned. It’s time to start slapping corporate carbon monsters with real punishments, instead of waiting for the much-vaunted “free market” to come up with something, because it won’t. And time’s up. My home and native land is on fire, and people are choking to death on the smoke, while our neighbors are drowning just to the south of where I sit. And what is the Great Environmental Lawyer, nephew of the late, lamented JFK, and son of the also-lamented RFK, doing about it? In effect, he’s just twiddling his thumbs and emitting hot air…when he’s not being openly farted at by some climate-denialist fool.

And that’s what really stinks.

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