And they say they’re not racist?


A fine Mississippi fella named Herb, who posts as GoldenEagle53 on Mike Malloy’s board, shared this with us last night:

Golden Ticket to Republican Racism

As you can see, this is nothing but a thinly veiled bit of right-wing racism.

What gives it away as racist, and not merely some tasteless clod’s idea of a joke? Well, the cutesy-racist “alternative” spelling of “Golden”, for starters. (Do these people think blacks can’t read, unless there’s a peppering of apostrophes all over everything? Apparently so.)

Then there’s the snotty reference to “hair care products” (hello–anyone remember Rep. Cynthia McKinney, the “ghetto slut” who happens to be a congresswoman–and was denied the right to vote by a Kapitol Keystone Kop?)

And of course, “lots o’ bling bling” (which is fo’ shizzle a dead-ass giveaway that this is being directed at what the painfully honest Kanye West would call “broke niggas”, who of course haven’t got so much as a single bling).

And of course, there’s the reference to voter registration cards. Which is an age-old sore point in Mississippi for reasons I trust I need not go into here. But you can look ’em up if you like.

As for the last bit, that’s just plain old poison mean. Do I have to remind anyone of what the Katrina evacuees are actually living like? It damn sure ain’t no lap of luxury; FEMA is reluctant to cough up even the bare basics, never mind any luxuries. (Gotta pay for Halliburton’s war on someone’s back; may as well be that of the struggling poor!)

And who’s doing the bitching here? Seems to me that in fact, it’s our projecting white Republican rightards, who think they’re the only ones who work, pay taxes or are entitled to anything that’s on this racist ticket. (Who else would want a Hummer?) The meaning couldn’t be clearer: You uppity niggers should just shut up and be thankful we don’t send your worthless, nappy-headed carcasses back to the ol’ plantation. In fact, you should be thankful for the advantages the plantation gave your worthless ancestors.

And of course, these are the same people who pretend to the world that they’re not really racist–after all, they just loves them a good ol’ ‘ho like Auntie Condi (who, like a true “hard-working” Republican, spent her tax-paid salary on Ferragamos while New Orleans was drowning, and took in a Broadway show to boot.) Clearly Condi has forgotten where she comes from, or who she went to school with, and has chosen instead to sell out and side with the church-burners. Little does she realize that she’ll become a scapegoat whenever BushCo decides she’s outlived her usefulness as their token house negress.

It’s always so good for a cheap belly laugh when those who don’t know what real work is, try to tell others who are already struggling with three lousy-paying, labor-intensive jobs–in a city not their home–that they’re not working hard enough.

It’s just a pity that such laughs don’t actually fill anyone’s belly.

PS: Just got the following comment, which got the ass of the address-forging troll in question banned. See if you can guess why:

Whose fault is it that the Blacks have become what they are in America? How about the Blacks, and Democrats.

Thanks for making my case for me, Repug dumbass.

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2 Responses to And they say they’re not racist?

  1. Great post, Bina…except that would be CYNTHIA McKinney, not Shelia.
    And gee…don’t these knotheads know that there are some poor White folks who live down there in Mississippi who got just as whacked by Katrina as the Blacks in New orleans did????
    Wow…and they wonder about us importing democracy to Iraq??? Ayyyyyy, yuh.

  2. Bina says:

    Thanks, Anthony…and good catch on the name. I was thinking of Sheila Jackson Lee, of course–the Rep. from Texas who revealed on Democracy Now that Rep. McKinney was on her way to a vote. (Wonder what the nature of that vote was, and if it had anything to do with her being detained by the Kop.) I’ve fixed that error now!
    And yeah, it sure points up a number of things that conservatism has arrayed itself against…democracy of course being the crucial one. For some reason, that newfangled notion of human equality is terribly threatening to them. I wonder why?

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