Raped by the cops in Mexico

The Beeb delivers a shocker:

A Mexican human rights group has accused police of raping or sexually abusing almost two dozen women during riots in San Salvador Atenco last week.

The National Human Rights Committee, a government agency, said police raped seven and sexually abused 16.

The assaults are said to have occurred when the women and many others were held during the unrest, sparked by a round-up of unlicensed street vendors.


Three of the women who were allegedly assaulted are foreigners.

One of them, Valentina Palma, a Chilean studying cinematography in Mexico, told La Jornada newspaper that she was robbed and beaten by officers.

“They insulted me, groped me, anything they wanted,” she was quoted as saying. “When they jailed me that was when I saw the girls with their pants and underwear torn, sobbing.”

Hundreds of police stormed the town after machete-wielding farmers kidnapped and beat six policemen who had been detaining the unlicensed flower vendors.

A teenage boy was killed and dozens of people were injured in the riots which lasted throughout Wednesday.


Television images of police beating bound demonstrators caused a national outcry after the riots.

Where is the oversight???

PS: Narco News has an excellent, in-depth article on the rapes and tortures of Atenco. It’s a must-read!

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