God to Pat Robertson: STFU!

I mean really…how else would you explain this?

Authorities in Connecticut say two people died after a plane owned by religious broadcaster Pat Robertson went down in heavy fog today.

Robertson was not aboard.

The bodies were recovered from Long Island Sound.

Three other people were in the Learjet 35 when it went down about a half-mile short of the runway at Groton New London Airport. They were able to escape with minor injuries. They were pulled from the water and taken to a hospital in New London.

The plane is registered to Virginia-based Robertson Asset Management. The company is owned by Robertson and is separate from the Christian Broadcasting Network.

“Robertson Asset Management”?

Thou canst not worship both God and Mammon, Patwa. Or have you forgotten?

And in your shoes, I’d be damn nice to Hugo Chavez from now on, too. He’s a better Christian on his worst day than you are on your best.

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