Festive Left Friday Blogging: Hurricane Hugo brings down the house!

As my friend Wren says, to be damned by the devil is to be truly blessed.

Hugo Chavez is a hard act to follow, but this past week he truly outdid himself. He spoke for half an hour at the United Nations, and there was nary a dull moment. Quite the contrary: his captive audience was eating out of the palm of his hand. He even got some giggles for finally saying what someone had to: that Dubya is, indeed, satanic, and that he’d stunk the place up with so much brimstone that even a day later, the stench still lingered.

But Chavecito? Came out smelling like a rose. Here he is, crossing himself for deliverance against all evil:

Dios mio, Hugo Chavez is devout--and a hoot!

And the final flourish:

Hugo Chavez praying for deliverance from Mr. Danger

Look at that lady right behind/above him as he does his playful “prayer” for protection against the Evil One. Do you suppose she’s the least bit offended? While every boringly predictable wingnut in America (and Venezuela) screamed, as did two gutless, flip-flopping Democratic toadies, foreign diplomats got the message–and the joke.

Even better is the fact that Noam Chomsky rocketed to the top of Amazon.com’s sales ranks after Chavecito plugged him. And the fun didn’t end there; Evo also got into the act, as did Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The Dubster wasn’t gettin’ any love. No wonder the US seat at the gathering was unoccupied:

A suspiciously empty seat at the UN

Do you suppose Dubya needed a longer bathroom break this time? I think he must have been cowering in the loo off the Oval Office, talking to Beulah on the White Phone.

Meanwhile, Dubya’s pet sheepdog got rabid over the whole affair–probably because Chavecito had outdone him at pointing out what’s wrong with the UN. John Bolton’s problem isn’t the way the UN is run, which is Chavecito’s beef; it’s the fact that the US isn’t running the world outright, as he no doubt thinks it should be (and the rest of the world, particularly Chavecito, doesn’t). After all, the Sheepdog’s on record as wanting to destroy the UN. Somehow, THAT terroristic declaration passed muster.

But that’s entirely predictable. After all, just look at whom he serves.

Bush as Antichrist

(Vielen Dank, Sumpfratte!)

PS: How’s this for a coda? Chavecito followed up his bravura performance by promising to double his oil contribution to the US poor. The last time he made that promise, he DELIVERED.

Now THAT is what I call sticking it to the Oil Man!

(PPS to the troll at Congratulations, your sick sexual fantasy about Fidel Castro, your spoofed e-mail address, and your using Mike Malloy’s name in vain, is three strikes against you all in one. That’s good for an insta-ban. I don’t publish obscene materials, I take umbrage at e-mail spoofing, and I don’t appreciate your trashing Mike either!)

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  1. Kevin Young says:

    I stumbled across your blog through a google-pic search of “antichrist”, and I found the following picture of “W”.
    Ironically, it was a random google search two and a half years ago (right after the re-selection) that I had my eyes opened to the truth of Bush’s antichrist identity by another random google search of “who is antichrist?”
    I am a firm believer in the gospel of Jesus Christ, and I hope you check out my own blog devoted to the last days, the Bible, the New World Order conspiracy and other matters.
    I enjoyed reading this post, and will return to read more. Thank you for putting this blog out there. my site is http://www.911antichrist.blogspot.com

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