See Scott. See Scott whine.

Poor Scott.

His beloved border brownshirts get booed offstage at Columbia University, and poor persecuted Scott gets all pissy. Sez that no conservative would ever do anything so mean, and rude, and…and…and…tsk!

Nawwww. Of course they wouldn’t. They would only hold a Brooks Brothers Riot in Florida, rather than let a democratic recount take place that would actually result in a fair election rather than a fascist selection. Or maybe they’d eavesdrop illegally on the dissenters, infiltrate them with police, and when the time is ripe, beat the shit out of them and then round ’em all up and send ’em to Gitmo. Heck, they could always rape the dissenters’ kids in Abu Ghraib if that won’t make ’em talk about their subversive activities. Or maybe just outsource them to someplace where truly nasty tortures take place…like Egypt or Syria.

Yeah, conservatives would never be so rude and uncivilized as to express actual dissent and send a fascist packing!

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