Terror-Free Oil Slicks come out and play!

Oh, boy. I just caught a flying one from a big, brave, wannabe terror-free oilman, and I’m sooooooo scared. Take a gander at what landed in my comments section today.

The only thing that overshadows author’s stupidity is his poor research skills.

Article above: "embrace the economy car, the hybrid car, the fuel-cell car, and most importantly, the carpool."

TFO goals (http://www.terrorfreeoil.org/coalition.php):

– Educate consumers about alternative fuels (Ethanol, BioDiesel, etc.)

– Promote Hybrids & FFVs

– Promote public transportation

It might be worth researching the subject before providing your scholarly opinion. Will make you look less of a moron.

Bravo! You have finally come out from under your rock to insult me, reiterate your empty blurb, and give me an instant, depersonalized, internet sex change to boot. How courageous of you!

There’s only one problem with your calling me a moron: it makes you look like an idiot.

I actually did visit your site and read it over THOROUGHLY (which, incidentally, is more than you did for me; more on this later.) I found it lightweight, to say the least–heavy on hype, short on actual research. You did not address the issues I brought up; that’s why I brought them up. And you’re still not addressing them adequately now!

You’re forgetting that ethanol and biodiesel have net energy losses associated with their production, including the use of petroleum to power the process–look it up. There’s “scholarly opinion” for you with a vengeance, bud.

I know you probably also don’t care that the labor-intensive, cost-intensive, oil-consuming process of turning corn into booze into car fuel will starve millions of Mexicans. But I can promise you that you won’t like the repercussions of mass Mexican starvation. Call me old-fashioned, but I still think feeding people, not machines, should come first on the list of agricultural priorities.

I also notice you ignored the fact that you cannot account for the source of every last drop of your “terror-free” oil. Care to address that issue, or would you rather just slick it over?

BTW, before you shoot off any more flames about my “poor research skills”, try getting my gender right first. I’m female, as even a cursory reading of this site ought to tell you. Your failing to pay attention to something so basic makes you look much less of a researcher than me.

Or, in your own big words, a MORON.

PS: There is yet another reason to be skeptical of this initiative, now. Seems that al-Qaida, or some organization claiming to be linked to them, is threatening to attack ALL oil installations serving US needs–including those in the US, Canada, Mexico and Venezuela. If they make good on this, NO oil, from anywhere in the world, can rightly be called “terror-free”. Oh dear!

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