You want oil independence? You got it!

Unfortunately for the Terra-Free Oil Slicks, it’s not THAT kind. In this case, it’s oil independence for Venezuela.

Venezuela says it is working on a number of new oil deals with China, as it aims to reduce its dependence upon crude exports to the US.

The left-wing Venezuelan government said it would work with China National Petroleum Corporation to boost Chinese investment in its oil facilities.

It added that there were also joint plans to build a fleet of new tanker ships and three refineries in China.

Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez has long spoken of his hostility to the US.

His increasingly fraught relationship with America comes as he is pushing ahead with a nationalisation of Venezuela’s oil industry.

Such a move would strip major US companies such as Exxon Mobil, ConocoPhillips and Chevron of their majority stakes in Venezuelan oil projects.

“The United States as a power is on the way down, China is on the way up. China is the market of the future,” said Mr Chavez after the Chinese investment announcement.

China’s breakneck economic growth of recent years means it is today the world’s second-biggest oil consumer after the US.

Of course, the wording of this is a bit fudgy. As his CITGO donations to impoverished US citizens show, Chavez isn’t at all hostile to the US; it’s the leadership thereof that’s a bugbear for him, and no surprises there. Who wouldn’t be hostile to a regime that keeps trying, however unsuccessfully, to get him deposed and/or killed?

Hey, BushCo and all you Texas oilmen: Bet you’re sorry about all that coupmongering now, eh? You’ve just sped up your own country’s economic decline exponentially. Smooth move!

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2 Responses to You want oil independence? You got it!

  1. Penelope says:

    You really need to go to Bolivia, Venezuela, Brazil…
    You just talk and talk about Chavez and that asshole Evo, and really, you don’t have a clue.
    Its a regime in the south, latin america is changing, yes. Turning into another Cuba, ever been in Cuba? Cause i have and living in fear its not nice, but what would you know? You live in Canada.

  2. Bina says:

    I would tell you to talk to the uneducated people and ask them if they like living in the glorious inequities that 500 years of capitalism made, but I see that in your own way, you ARE one of those people. Got news for you, honey: Just because you learned a little English and are living in the US, doesn’t mean you’re smart!
    How the hell do you wingnuts down there in FLORIDA keep coming to the false conclusion that it’s all turning into Cuba, anyway? If they wanted to turn it into a Cuba, don’t you think they’d do it a little faster?
    Oh, that’s right. You believe it, you heard it on TV, that settles it.
    If you don’t like what I write, DON’T READ IT. I’m sure there are plenty of right-wing crapaganda sites out there that are more to your liking. But let’s get one thing staight: I’m not about to tailor reality to your liking, like all those ‘tard bloggers do. Just because you are foolish enough to live in fear, doesn’t mean you have to spread it around like the measles.
    And it sure doesn’t mean I have to, either.

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