Oh crap, you mean he DIDN’T finance you?

Well, there goes another piece of Chavecito libel. And who better to blow it all to shit than “a battle-hardened, one-eyed female commander” of the FARC?

Nelly Avila Moreno, better known as “Karina,” denied her bloody reputation during a news conference. She said she surrendered because she was encircled, had a bounty on her head and was spooked by the recent murder of a fellow rebel leader by one of his bodyguards.


In response to a reporter’s question, Avila said she had no knowledge of Chavez arming or funding the FARC.

Asked what the Venezuelan president means to the rebels, she simply said: “We admire Chavez for the way he is.”

I guess that explains his success as a hostage negotiator, too. Go figure! No $250 million (or $300 mil, depending who you ask. The crapaganda whores are still unable to keep this one straight.) No guns. No nothing.

Why, the next thing you know, the Three Magic Laptops From Outer Space will be conclusively proven fraudulent, too. Fire up the corn popper, this latest mediatic war on Venezuela should be fun to watch as it falls apart.

PS: It gets better. In Aporrea’s version, in Spanish, “Karina” also denies that the FARC had anything to do with Rafael Correa, the president of Ecuador. That was another bogus accusation that’s been floating around out there, and now it’s busted, too.

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