Quotable: Amy Katz on the falsities of the “free” market

“The problem is not the issue of personal choice–it’s the doctrine of personal choice. We are constantly being told that change begins with us, that only we can solve our own problems, that we are the authors of our destinies. I believe that these are, in fact, ideological statements, rooted in a free market aversion to collective action. To get ourselves through the next century, we will need to shake off the phantasm of an exclusively personal destiny and couple our individual choices with real, penalty-laden national and international environmental regulations. To get ourselves through the next century, we will need a collective privileging of human lives and futures over corporate profits.

“In other words, we need to make political change, something we can’t do as individuals. And something we can’t do without challenging, in a serious and uncomfortable way, the existing order. So yes, let’s change our lifestyles and reduce our personal impacts on the environment. It will help to nudge us closer to the world we want. But, at some point (and I would argue that point would be now), to prevent a global environmental breakdown, we are going to have to embark on a course of action that questions some of the fundamental tenets of our economic system.

“The logic of the market is destroying the planet. We will not save the planet by turning the free market on itself and buying hybrid cars. We will save the planet by forcing our governments to mandate real environmental regulations. We will save the planet by refusing to allow the requirements of the market to dictate our health, our preferences, our sense of reality and the course of our lives.”

–Amy Katz, editor of The Greenpeace Green Living Guide

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One Response to Quotable: Amy Katz on the falsities of the “free” market

  1. Slave Revolt says:

    Indeed, I heartily concur with Amy’s sentiments and analysis here.
    But, what I firmly believe is this: no pain, no change.
    Our stupidity is being subsidized by these cheap fossil fuels–and populations are being manipulated by heardsmen that are vainglorious and as stupid as the sheep they browbeat with the art of perception management.

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