Venezuelan bikes are destabilizing to Latin America!

Golly, who knew?

The bicycles are produced in Venezuela under a joint venture with an Iranian company.

Chavez rode one of the bikes during his Sunday TV program and joked about what he called the bicycle’s “radioactivity” and offered one to U.S. President George W. Bush.

U.S. officials say Chavez is a destabilizing influence in Latin America and also express concern that Iran’s nuclear research program could be aimed at weapons production.

Yes, and these Venezuelan/Iranian bikes will give Dubya road rash worse than anything he got since he choked on that pretzel, too. And how do we know this bicycle factory isn’t financing the FARC or enriching uranium for the Iranian nuclear missile program, hmmmm?

Honestly. Just one post ago, I thought the AP might have broken with its pattern of general idiocy on Latin America, and here it is, reverting right to it again with a vengeance. That’ll teach me to give them any credit.

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