Suck my gas valve, bitches!

From Aporrea, another example of Evo’s cojones in action.

The president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, ratified on Saturday that he would not permit the opposition prefects and “civic organizers” to close gas valves for any reason. For this reason, he instructed the Armed Forces to guarantee security to all natural-gas installations and prevent any assaults on the economy of the Bolivian state.

The far right, according to President Morales, “are already meeting now in the Bolivian Chaco to try to take over the valves. That’s an assault on the Bolivian people.” He informed the hundreds of delegates meeting for the second consecutive day in the national assembly of the National Coordinator for Change (Conalcam) that he had spoken with various ministers and vice-president Alvaro Garcia Linera, with whom he resolved to guarantee security for gas ducts and valves.

“This intended takeover of the valves is not an action against Evo Morales, nor the government, but against the Bolivain people,” he added. He was referring to the decision of the “civil society” directors of the Media Luna region, who had threatened to take over all oil and gas wells and initiate an indefinite blockade of the roads, starting on Monday, August 25.

The gas-producing provinces of Cordillera, Luis Calvo and Gran Chaco, in the departments of Santa Cruz, Chuquisaca and Tarija respectively, announced a blockade of all roads in the Bolivian Chaco region, which borders on Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina. The three regions contain the largest natural gas reserves in Bolivia, estimated at 1.36 trillion cubic metres.

Translation mine.

As you can see, these fascists are not only keen on cutting Evo’s throat (and that of every other indigenous person in Bolivia), they also have no problem shooting themselves in the foot. Because of course, the gas-producing provinces all border on the three countries most likely to be purchasing gas from them. So who’s this blockade going to hurt? You guessed it–the very people who are hoping to ultimately cash in on it. (Remember, Brazil and Argentina will not do business with anyone but the federal government of Bolivia when it comes to gas, and neither, I suspect, will the newly leftist, pro-poor government of Paraguay, whose stated mission is to lift its own indigenous out of the same poverty the Bolivian neighbors are now fighting.)

I guess I could further translate Evo’s remarks as a “suck this, bitches!” to the opposition.

Of course, what you get when you suck a gas valve is suicide a la Sylvia Plath. Maybe that’s what Evo was alluding to when he said the fascists are “agonizing”. Hey, if they’re in a world of hurt, I say put ’em out of their misery. Bolivia can surely get along without them!

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