Yep, he’s been bought…

Oh, color me shocked, SHOCKED…at the latest from Aporrea:

On his Sunday program, ex-vice president Jose Vicente Rangel asserted that the general-in-chief, Raul Isaias Baduel, visited Bogota around the end of July, where he “met with Pedro Carmona and the Colombian defence minister, Juan Manuel Santos.”

Baduel’s agenda, according to Rangel, included “a meeting with an association of retired military leaders, in which former generals Juan Salcedo Yora and Manuel Monnet were present.” According to Rangel, these men “have international arrest warrants out against them for crimes against humanity.”

Also, Rangel said, Gen. Baduel addressed a conference against the Venezuelan government at Sergio Arboleda University in Bogota, where he met with members of an NGO “which is continually taking shots at Venezuela and its national government.”

Here’s Rangel on his TV show, discussing that and more:

Baduel’s disgraceful conduct is the second item in this clip.

So, the once honorable, oh-so-constitutionalist general has been meeting with wanted criminals–in addition to receiving money from where he shouldn’t? His formerly sterling reputation doesn’t need any tarnishing from without; he’s doing a terrific job of pissing all over it himself.

At this rate, he can stop wondering why he can’t siphon off the “Bolivarian, but…” vote. Nobody votes for a traitor–least of all one who consorts with the very business dictator whom he once stood up to!

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