Festive Left Friday Blogging Too: Marxism–it’s a par-tay!


Peace, dude.

From Aporrea, an innnnnnteresting sign of the times–and times to come? Could be:

Whether Karl Marx’s books are in fashion, or whether this is a response to the financial crisis is unknown, but what is certain is that they have never sold as well as now, says Jorn Schütrumpf, a German editor specializing in Marxist literature. “Since 2005, my sales volume has never stopped growing.”

“Of course, there is a fashion, mainly because many young people are buying the book they’ve never read, and it’s a hard, challenging read,” said Schütrumpf, surrounded by photographs of the German philosopher, and the emblematic figure of German socialism, Rosa Luxemburg.

In times when the world is on the edge of a recession, Schütrumpf says, “a society which feels the need to read Karl Marx again, is a society which is feeling ill.”

Translation mine.

He’s not kidding–remember what society was feeling like the last time this happened?

PS: Ha, ha–look who else is noting an interesting trend in Marxism. When Canada’s dumbest, dimmest, rightardliest national newspaper is picking up on it, even from THEIR stupid-ass angle, you know something is brewing.

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